VII.- Free throws


Should the score be tied at the expiration of a game in which a winner is necessary, free throws shall determine the outcome of the game.

  1.  Number of Free Throws

    The number of free throws shall be determined by the minimum number of players listed on either line-up sheet.

  2.  Free Throw Coin Toss

    Before the start of free throws, the choice to throw or receive shall be determined by the toss of a coin. The team choosing to throw first, will do so in each pair of throws.

  3.  Order of Free Throws

    The order of throwing shall be determined by the line-up sheet submitted by the coach prior to the start of the game. The line-up sheet must include all the players on the score sheet. The first person on the line-up sheet of each team shall enter the court area assisted by a referee and each player shall take one throw. This sequence is repeated until all of the minimum number of players have had a chance to throw and defend. The team with the greater number of goals shall be declared the winner.

  4.  Sudden Death Free Throws

    Should a tie still exist, the order will be repeated until, with each team having had an equal number of throws, one team has established a lead. Before the sudden death free throws, a new coin toss shall determine who will throw first. After each pair of throws, the team to throw first shall change.

  5.  Penalties on Free Throws

    Free throws shall be taken in accordance with existing rules. However, should an offensive penalty occur, the throw only is nullified. Should a defensive penalty occur, the throw will repeated unless that throw scored.

  6.  Moving of Players

    In all free throw situations, coaches, and escorts will be moved to the opposite side of the court by a referee. All players must wear eyeshades. Players will remain in the team bench area until the game is completed. Players eliminated from the competition, or players, already injured and considered unfit to play, shall be deleted from the line-up sheet and all players with a lower order on the line-up sheet shall be moved up in order.


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